Easy to Manage TV Network System in Hotels by Content Management System

Easy to Manage TV Network System in Hotels by Content Management System

Easy to Manage TV Network System in Hotels by Content Management System

        Last article, we mentioned and explained why it is Hospitality TV (https://www.hstn.co.th/content/9780/-hospitality-tv-) and, what is the better features of Hospitality TV compared with the others. We also mentioned about one of its important ability, is, it can be “the Solution”. In this article, we will explain more about the definition of this word, the Solution.

        The Solution in Hotels’ TV Network System, its official name is “Content Management System” or “CMS” in short.

Figure 1 TV Network System in the hotel that was managed easily by Content Management System

        Content Management System will help you to manage the TV Network System easily, for example, if you do not have CMS when there is any changes of TV channels, you need to tune all televisions in the hotel. On the other hands, if you have CMS, all televisions will automatically be tuned when they were in standby mode without manually one by one tuning. You are able to show the hotel’s logo when TV is starting up, able to control the volume when TV is on, able to define the startup channel as our requirement, and able to play any applications, etc.

        Content Management System plays a very important role in the Master Antenna TeleVision (MATV) industry. Because MATV has improved continuously and quickly since National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) announced to stop Analog TV broadcasting and begin Digital TV broadcasting completely. The results are, MATV has high definition of broadcasting as same as the source, and you are able to apply any appropriated technologies for more benefits.

        About MATV that was using in five stars hotels or luxury hotels, only high definition is not enough for these hotels’ requirements. It is the reason why almost all those hotels chooses to use IPTV (Internet Protocal TeleVision). But, the setting up of IPTV that be flexible for applying to any new systems, needs high investment. Also, the maintenance and troubleshooting are difficult, because it needs the professional team for this specific system.

        That is the reason why LG Electronics, the global TV maker company in the department of Commercial TV, has developed the TV Solution System by using IPTV. It comes with beautiful design and high stability in combination with LG TV, and it is not high price. This IPTV is owned by LG, named “Pro:Centric Smart Displays”. They have developed CMS for semi-auto TV system that can be used easily. User that does not understand IPTV, can create and maintain their own system perfectly. This CMS has installed command set in itself, and it can change many styles, and menus, such as, Information, Facilities, Experiences, Weather, Services, etc.

Figure 2 Example of Display on Content Management System

      Pro:Centric Smart Displays has developed CMS to 2 categories, one for support IPTV in old network using coaxial cable, and another one for support IPTV in new network using UTP LAN cable. And also, it has the differences depending on using purposes, those are:
        ·  Procentric V
        ·  Procentric Direct

      What are the differences between these 2 categories of Pro:Centric Smart Displays, please follow the next article.


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