SAFETY COVID-19 Solution
The situation of the spread of the Covid-19 virus around the world is still increasing and there are many news that germs will mutate and more violent including our own Thailand.
Even though the epidemic situation has now been controlled to be in a narrow circle, including various measures to give people confidence and safety in life, at present, there is no vaccine to prevent Covid-19, which we Still don't know how long it will take. Wouldn't it be better if we turned to prevent Covid-19 ourselves first, such as carrying a hygienic mask, hand washing gel, various establishments? There is a temperature gauge and there is a weekly cleaning spray. Therefore, it is said that Why do we have to make Product Safety Covid-19 because we want Thailand to be free from Covid-19 and want everyone in Thailand to be safe
Solutions to help you prevent COVID-19
Provide thermal camera rental services.
จำหน่าย OZONE AXIS: เครื่องผลิตโอโซนเข้มข้นแบบพกพา
ช่วยกำจัดจุลินทรีย์ แบคทีเรีย ไวรัส กลิ่นและชื้อราต่าง ๆ  กําจัดเชื้อโรคจุดซ่อนเร้นที่ทําความสะอาดได้ยาก มีขนาด Ozone fumigator 7G/hr, 14G/hr, 28G/hr

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Body temperature camera system

Thermal cameras can capture up to 30 faces at the same time, reducing the time to check the person. Reduce your personnel risks Reduce the time to verify a large number of users who use the service at the same time. Suitable for large businesses such as airports, hospitals, shopping malls. or various government agencies.

**Selling Minmoe, body temperature camera** that can alert people who don't use masks that help screen out people whose behavior may cause COVID-19 infection.
It is an Access control and a built-in thermometer. Able to alert people who do not wear masks and do not open the door lock to enter within the restricted area. Suitable for medium-sized buildings such as schools, hotels, companies, department stores, shops, etc.


Hanheld Thermography

Handheld thermal imaging cameras are specially designed for on-site temperature measurement. There is a heat detector with a resolution of 160 × 120 to help screen people with high body temperature.

Body Thermometer Model K3

Body thermometer model K3 screened with infrared temperature measurement technology. with beep and green and red warning light With a screen showing the measured temperature, it can be used to measure both the forehead and wrist.

**Distributing infrared thermometer** Infrared Thermometer for body 
temperature measurement infrared thermometer It is used to measure body temperature on the forehead. without touching, convenient, easy to use, suitable for small shops small building with no more than 10 visitors per hour To protect people at risk of COVID-19


Patent of Hand Sanitizer Kiosk is an advertising screen with alcohol spray to disinfect COVID-19
It is a digital signage advertising screen with alcohol sprayer. Suitable for installation at entrances and user screening points. It is an automatic alcohol sprayer. and can display advertising media of the project as well


**Distributing masks and hand sanitizers** These are devices that are needed to prevent the risk of COVID-19. that everyone has to use throughout your current life.

  • Manufacturing of masks with embroidery or logo screening There are 7 types of mask fabrics to choose from.
  • Hand cleaning products that do not need to be washed. with alcohol Standard Premium Grade  


Distributor alcohol spray disinfectant with spraying services to disinfect COVID-19 at various locations
help in cleaning penetrates into the surface Highly effective in sterilization Can be used at low concentrations It is an alcohol that kills bacteria, fungi and viruses, decomposing without residue.

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