Interactive Digital Board / Interactive Whiteboard / Interactive Touch Screen
HSTN presents a meeting method, presentations, presentations, plans. or presentation of teaching materials through smart screens, smart boards, Interactive Digital Boards, Interactive Whiteboards or Interactive Touch Screens.
           It is a development from projector screen that produces clear images to LED screen that produces high-contrast images rather than having high brightness to fight the light well. It is combined with a blackboard or whiteboard to become a smart screen or smart board. Interactive Digital Board can present presentation files or architect's plans or presentations of teaching materials. in presentation file format With the ability to write comments on the screen, information can be easily saved and shared from the presented screen to the participants' smartphones.



Interactive Digital Board for Meeting Room.
Turn the meeting room into a Smart Meeting Room.
Install a smart board to make presentations like a projector and draw like a whiteboard.



Interactive Digital Board for Team meetings.

Meeting for ideas, presentations, design work, architecture work with out paper. 
Create an atmosphere for finding ideas Team meetings Can share files on screen Able to write on screen Or used in presentations, design work, architecture work without paper.




Interactive Digital Board for Classroom teaching.

Teaching that presents a present lesson write on screen or do activities with students on the same board.
Integrated teaching and learning that can deliver presentable lessons Showing how to do it or writing onthe screen including doing activities with students on the same board Teachers can send information on the board to learners via QR Code.



Interactive Digital Board for Live Coach YouTuber Streamer.

Presenting influencer story content on a content-driven screen and write them on the same board.
It would be a great handy tool for Live coaches, YouTubers, or streamers who have write on content displayed on the screen at the same time, Interactive Digital Board help to make influencers more professional in their presentations.



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