Basic TV System

Basic TV System

Basic TV System


TV System 3 type.

      PAL Phase Alternating Line Developed by German engineer Walter Bruch in 1963 and the first commercial application of the PAL system in August 1967.TV line a 625-line horizontal display and a 576-line vertical lines and 25 frame per second and separate bandwidth between picture and sound.Using the power 220v/50hz provide an overview(720x576) = 414,720 points (or 768 x 576 = 442,368 points) the ratio of the display area 4:3 standard the values 0.41 MegaPixel or 0.44 MegaPixel used in Thailand,England,France,Germany.

        NTSC The National Television System Committee was established in 1940 the first image signal system started used in 1940 in the world by NTSC this system uses 30 frames per second. Each of these consists of TV line 525 horizontal line and 480 line vertical lines and more important the system is used  lighting 110V/60HZ. in home, provide an overview 720x480 = 345,600 points, Ratio of image display 1.5 (3:2) the values 0.34 MegaPixel used in America, Japan, Myanmar, Canada.

        SECAM System Electronique Pour Couleur Avec Memoire or Sequential Color and Memory was developed in France and  used in 1967 a horizontal line number 625 – line and a 576-line vertical line send multiform signal each bandwidth,such as B,D send VHF Series G,H,K send UHF Series I,N,M,K1,L to the VHF/UHF and each will be receiving revelations and send TV line up to 800-1000 line, 60Hz power system frequency band is very wide a few slots available and make unpopular in used.


Table compares three parameters of the television system.


TV System of Network 2 Type.

      MATV  Master Antenna Television  the system included items from multiple down include room send only a single point. And signal distribution to various points. Within the same building or nearby buildings.
       CATV Community Antenna Television degraded by the reflection of signals from tall buildings, community, village, district or province so it is larger than the MATV.


TV Systems frequency used 3

        When started TV System in the Thailand we used PAL BG and frequency is divided into 3 parts is VL,VH and UHF each district will have a frequency channel is VL (CH.2-4) VH (CH.5-12) and UHF (CH.21-69), including 50 channels.

        Later, Channels are more TV system wants to use more frequency channels the frequency S-Band used by each area will channel frequency increased. Is VL (CH.2-4 X Y,Z Z1 Z2) VH (S1-S10, CH.5-12,S11-S20) and UHF (S21-S41,CH.21-69) total 106 channel.


PAL BG Frequency

Signal Type

  • AV - signals AV video/audio signals the two signals is a voltage 0.5-2 Connect CVBS cable AV the sources is Receiver, DVD Player, DVR, HDD Player
  • RF - Radio Frequency the frequency range 40-860MHz. connect cable Coaxial (RG6,RG11,Half Inc.) Uiit is decibel the sources is Antenna,TV signal system included within the building.
  • multiform signal each bandwidth 5.5MHz
  • multiform signal each different 10-15 dB
  • Channel signal VHF bandwidth 7 MHz (CH.2-4, X, Y, Z, Z1, Z2, S1-S10, CH.5-12, S11-S20)
  • Channel signal UHF bandwidth 8 MHz (S21-S41, CH.21-69)

Choosing a channel frequency

  • Choose a frequency that is not too high
  • DO not choose the frequency VL because interfering signal (2,3,4,X,Y,Z,Z1,Z2)
  • Do not select channels that match the frequency band FM 88-108 MHz (Z,Z1,Z2,S1)
  • Do not select channels with police radio (S7)
  • Do not select channels with security radio (S13)
  • Do not select channels with frequency Analog TV on air (5,7,9,11,29,32)
  • Do not select channels with frequency Digital TV on air (26,36,40,44,52)
  • Do not select channels with frequency phone (U62-U69) Frequency channels TV in PAL BG has 106 channels Cut the channel out to the actual channel 76 channels. And Analog TV channels in the air (5,7,9,11,29,32) will be canceled. It will have more frequencies to use.

Remark : Analog TV frequencies in air and Digital TV frequencies in each province are not the same. Find out from the NBTC or the HSTN website.

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