Who We Are

        The HSTN is a leading company providing a designer, distributor, installer, and maintainer Hotels IPTV Hospitals IPTV Digital SMATV Hospitality TV Digital Signage & Kiosk FTTx for hospitality industry (hotels, resort, hospitals, village, condominium, apartment, retail stores, franchise stores and respite homes). With more than 800 businesses, which consists of more than 200 luxury & 5star hotel and hospital choose our services.
        The distinguishing features of the HSTN are we have a system development team that is ready to develop and world-class partners are its technological expertise and high system flexibility, that will help create a TV system or the public relations signage system that meets the needs for promote the business to users in each business.
        HSTN has a post-sales service called "HSTN Premium Service" operating under the service-level agreement (SLA) is standard commitment between HSTN and our customers. After the warranty is expired, able to buy an MA for ongoing system maintenance services. We have a team of technicians and engineers that have training, knowledge and experience in the work to provide installation, repair and maintenance 24/7/365 services.

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Rungrot Hounraluek
Managing Director
Product Director
Pracha  Sookkum
IT Director
Engineering Director

Khomkit  Suntiwarakron
General Manager Sales Director
Rungrueng  Hounraluek
Project Director
Managing Director TCBB

Rangsan  Limrattanaphan
R&D Director
Hospitality & Digital Signage
Winai  Kitbumrung
Project Manager
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