Hisign Digital Signage 
Suitable for all types of businesses such as hotels, Condos, department stores, gas stations, coffee shops, restaurants, convenience store and various government centers for promotional purposes and Service to make advertisements, public relations Notification of promotions, news. It's a simple matter You can also manage your billboard Anywhere around the world, just have Internet. We also provide design services.

There are all forms of use.
KFS Series | Free stand Kiosk
Display of publicity information, product details, and promotions Suitable for placement in corridors, display points or areas with traffic Eye-catching design, visible from a distance

K Series | Interacon Kiosk Stand
kiosk stand Suitable for displaying product information store layout product catalog or food menu Suitable for hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, restaurants and showrooms.
OD Series | IP65 Outdoor Display
This monitor is suitable for outdoor areas. IP65 dust and water resistant, designed to work in areas with temperatures up to 65 °C with automatic internal temperature control. In the case of local use with very high cumulative temperatures, such as outdoor sports fields or on the road.

UW Series | Ultra wide Display
screen aspect ratio design extra wide Create novelty in presentations Can attract the attention of the audience as well. Suitable for making signs in the airport. Department stores, transportation systems, billboards, costumes, cosmetics and fashion designs.
IB Series | Information board Display
elegant design It can be moved easily, comfortable, suitable for trade shows. Various product booths, shops, coffee shops and supermarkets.
DB Series | Desktop broad Information Stand
The screen is small and compact. takes up little space Suitable for placing on the public relations counter. mini bar dining table display cabinet.

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