Why should Hospitality TV ?

Why should Hospitality TV ?

Why should Hospitality TV ?
Hospitality TV or many people called Hotel TV and How are they different Home TV used? Have a look.
Hotel TV or Hospitality TV

      Many people have a question or things about when buy TV for use in the hotel and need a method or tips on how to buy. Because really TV look like it is not very different but if go to be used for hotel than need to say that to the details well because when choose the specifications of the TV to use and requirements the system that will support Digital TV or IPTV so have a look the details about how the different Hospitality TV and Home TV.
What is the difference between a TV at home and a TV hotel?
FunctionHospitality TVConsumer TV
Show Project Logo When Turned on.YesNo
Control Start Volume, Max VolumYesNo
Control Start ChannelYesNo
Clonning USBYesNo
Solution TV


(Series 5,7,9)

External Speaker



2 Years

1 Year
Comparison table with Hospitality TV and general TV
At the beginning....
        into the setting up the Hotel TV and the manufacturer have enter the code for protect guests or normal person can’t get to the  change or settings.   

Default open TV
        Provide guests for the experience a good and many hotels also need to configure the default TV system for easy and perfect example Boot Logo , Start Volume , Max Volume , Start Channel

         - Boot Logo when turn on TV can set and create logos of the hotel.
        - Start Volume , Max Volume Can set the volume level when turn on TV and set the volume level to the default and can set maximum volume no more than set to prevent noise problems in the another room.
        - Start Channel Most each hotel has own channel (Hotel Channel). So is good every time turn on the TV to show channel of hotel that Hotel TV can do it.
        - Cloning pass to USB Thinks about when tuning TV system spend time 10 min. If at home or have a TV no problem but if hotel has 400 TVs what happen? For example 400 x 10 = 4,000 min and lose time. But If can cloning pass to USB will spend time 1 min of TV that is we can saving time to 10 more that.
         - Made Solution CMS : Content Management System when turn on TV is luxury and display of the TV is beautiful and easy to use and can give the public information shows on the TV.    
          - External Speaker many hotel install the speakers in the bathroom and Hospitality TV connected to the TV without an audio amplifier.
          - Warrantee TV like Hospitality TV guarantee for 2 years.
Finally since the TV for business (Hospitality TV) for Hotel, Condominium, Hospital else There will be no sales in general (Model will different other general TV) Hospitality TV has special function that must use team of experts in installation and that must be sold through the agent SI and the installation service we can take care of after. 
        High Solution of Television Network Co.,Ltd. Has been officially appointed the product distributor of TV industries in Thailand. Also has been recognized by leading hotels in Thailand because of the system installation Hospitality TV has a professional installation team, team support CMS, graphics and design team fully integrated

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