LG Pro:Centric Server

Pro: Centric is a commercial application platform created by LG.It is a highly capable developer-friendly platform. You can take advantage of building feature-rich service applications. Which is the most important aspect of Pro: Centric is compatible with your familiar programming language and technology. Anyway, such as HTML5, GEM (Java), Flash and so on, so you can choose the method that suits you.


Powerful Application Platform

Pro: Centric is located in LG commercial TV middleware.
Specially designed for hospitality businesses, Pro: Centric supports HTML5, GEM (Java) and Flash.
To add more convenience and flexibility for developers.

Using Pro: Centric, you can optimize your LG commercial TV features to optimize application development and design, and offer more customer service options.


Cost Reduction

Pro: Centric reduces set-top box usage and simplifies installation and maintenance. Without a set-top box, standby power consumption can be reduced because only SoC (System on Chip) and Pro: Centric are used.The functionality can help reduce operating costs and TCO costs (Total Cost of Ownership). Installation and maintenance are easy as we only take care of power and LAN connectivity.

Solution LG Pro:Centric Server 
LG Pro:Centric® Direct
LG Pro:Centric® V
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