HSTN the number one leader in the design of the centralized
TV system MATV SMATV CATV IPTV professionally.

Centralized TV systems now can combine Analog TV signals, Digital TV signals and signals from more than one satellite dish distributed in the same cable. The system has evolved into a centralized hospitality IPTV system for specific businesses such as hotels, hospitals, etc. At the same time, the network was developed from coaxial cable to UTP (LAN) cable and fiber optic cable, allowing more data to be transmitted over a longer distance. The most important factor is that it is able to communicate in two ways, allowing other communication systems to be transmitted with the centralized TV systems in the same cable as well. For more than 25 years, the HSTN team has always placed a top priority on learning, research and development and has always been catching up with the changes in centralized TV technology as a result HSTN can adapt to the changes in technology in the design and installation of Centralized Analog & Digital TV system MATV, SMATV, CATV and Hospitality IPTV. This makes HSTN the number one professional centralized TV system in Thailand.

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