"LG Pro:Centric@ V" is  the most economical IPTV system.

LG Pro:Centric@ V
Differentiate your service business with the system of "LG Pro: Centric @ V". Transfrom the existing TV system to IPTV system on a coaxial cable. (Existing network)ใ Without closing the floor to Renovate the cable network, just bring "LG Pro: Centric® Server" to install and work with LG TV, Hospitality TV type only.
LG Pro: Centric @ V or LG Pro: Centric Value Displays Solution is a system designed for service businesses looking to transform their project integrated TV system into a Hotels IPTV system. And unable to stop the business in order to change the network from coaxial to UTP cable. In simple terms, the "LG Pro: Centric @ V" system can be installed with the exisiting MATV SMATV TV system. Transfrom to Hotel IPTV system without any network modifications.

What you get from " LG Pro: Centric @ V"

The "LG Pro: Centric @ V" system is a centralized management system. Allows the system administrators to work more conveniently and quickly. Create the image of the hotel by the TV system. And also an opportunity to generate income for the hotel With advertising publicity , Facilities and various promotions Directly to the TV screen in the room This gives customers more opportunities to use the service at the hotel.
The "LG Pro: Centric® V" system can be operated.
On both UTP (LAN cable) and Coaxial cables
Easy to control, can be controlled from the center.
No matter where you are, you can manage it.
The "LG Pro: Centric® V" system is the most economical.
Use a low budget. Suitable for all businesses that need a TV system. With added functions
All you need is a specific LG TV that is compatible with the LG Pro: Centric® V. No need to pay for software per device.
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