FTTx System for Hospitality Business

The development of a centralized communication system for service businesses can reduce system installation costs, reduce post-installation maintenance costs and support future technology developments. Can provide MATV system, Internet system, Telephone system on a single fiber optic cable and can also integrate other communication systems such as IP CCTV system, IP audio system.FTTx System for Hospitality Business Simple and uncomplicated design.
FTTx System for Hospitality Business can be easily designed, simple design, only the distance between the source device and the destination device is less than 10km. It can provide excellent signal connection because the loss in fiber optic cable is very low.

FTTx System for Hospitality Business technologically advanced have low cost.
FTTx System for Hospitality has advanced technology but low cost to help reduces the installation space of equipment to reduce the temperature in the server room, helping to reduce electricity costs by more than 20%-30% and reduces the area in the communication networks more than 70% from the MATV networks, Internet networks, Telephone networks, CCTV networks, etc. will be replaced by a single fiber optic cable. No electrical equipment in the network, making it easy to maintain.

FTTx System is suitable for use in which service businesses?
FTTx System for Hospitality Business designed and installed by HSTN suitable for communication systems for hotels, resorts, hospitals, condominiums, apartments, government, villages that want to install a new communication system or want to improve the communication system to be to be modern & support future technology including TV systems, Internet systems, telephone systems, CCTV systems and other IP communication systems to reduce management costs, easy maintenance in the long term, increase work efficiency It supports IoT and other systems in the future and also helps to enhance the image of the business and create greater satisfaction for service users on a single fiber optic cable.

What are the parts of the FTTx System?
FTTx System has different names based on where fiber optic cables are used, for example FFTH (Fiber To The Home) is the wiring fiber optic cable from the server that integrates communication services to to each home, FTTr (Fiber To The Room) is the wiring fiber optic cable from the server that integrates communication services to each rooms FTTB (Fiber-To-The-Building) is the wiring fiber optic cable from the server that integrates communication services to each buildings, etc. The FTTx System has 3 main parts:
    a) OLT (Optical Line Terminal) is a “source device” installed in the server room that combines signals from all types of communication systems and converts them into optical signals so that they can be transmitted over fiber-optic cables. This codec method uses a technology PON (Passive Optical Network)

    b) ONU (Optical Node Unit) or ONT (Optical Node Terminal) is a “Terminal device” installed in a guest room or home that converts optical signals to various communications systems such as MATV system, IPTV system, Wired & Wi-Fi Internet system, IP Telephone, IP Camera CCTV system, Audio system, etc.
    c) ODN (Optical Distribution Network) is a “network” distributing fiber optic cables from the source device to the terminal device In the FTTx system, there are no electrical equipment at all, only fiber optic cables and fiber optic splitters are insulated silica glass. After the installation is complete, there will be no cost to repair the network.



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