LG 29” Safe Pass Thermal Sensing Solution




It is a personal access control device at the entrance of organizations, organizations and businesses. Model 29KC5P2J-WG LG Safe Pass Thermal Sensing 29" screen. Safe Pass thermal camera can detect people with abnormally high body temperature. quickly and checks for not wearing a mask touch screen There is an audible and visual alarm. The Safe Pass's body temperature measurement is accurate +-0.3 degrees Celsius from a distance of 0.8 meters.

Key Feature

 ● Access control devices for persons at the entrance/exit doors.

Automatic detection of temperature measurement and face recognition while wearing a mask. without touching.

 ● For agencies / business organizations / supermarkets / schools / hospitals / banks / offices

 ● Quickly detect people with abnormally high body temperature.

 ● Check for not wearing a mask High accuracy in face recognition

 ● For floor standing (Floor Stand Type )

 ● Support for displaying advertisement information (Photo/Video) with built-in audio playback

 ● Facial Recognition Technology Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

 ● Can be developed to link with existing attendance/exit management systems. (id card fingerprint verification, etc.)

 ● The temperature measurement log data is saved automatically and can be used for other purposes.

 ● If a visitor is confirmed to be infected The information can be effectively used to prevent secondary infection. For example, checking the

    date and time of using the location and the number of contacts.

Applications for:

Temperature measurement of medical and nursing facilities and confirmation of wearing a mask.

 ● School attendance management

 ● Managing attendance of employees when going to and from the office.

 ● Temperature measurement of concert venues around ticket checkpoints.

 ● Restaurant (personal shop), customer service point/cooker.

 ● Temperature measurement for training seminars.

 ● Preliminary temperature monitoring of the patient before receiving care


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