1 HDMI or 1 CVBS Mod-HDTV Fracarro HDMI to DVB-T COFDM Digital TV Modulator


SKU : 287400 MOD-HDTV



MOD-HDTV 1 HDMI Digital TV modulator Converts Full HD video signal to digital TV 1 channel DVB-T signal Fracarro Digital TV Headend for MATV SMATV CATV

SKU: 287400
Model: MOD-HDTV 

MOD series MOD-HDTV is a high quality DVB -T "Home" indoor digital modulator which accepts one HDMI or analog Stereo Audio / CVBS signal source and converts it into one RF DVB -T channel on its output. The excellent specs (Full HD 1920*1 080 -30p) and modulation quality (MER~35dB) renders the MOD -HDTV the ideal solution for distributing HD or analog TV signals coming from e.g. a Audio/Video player, laptop or CCTV camera in a domes tic coax network using the DVB -T technology.

The user has the ability to control the device by either using the onboard SSD ( S even S egment Display) interface and keypad for quick installation or by using the USB interfac e with the appropriate software, ava ilable on FRACARRO website for download, accompanying the MOD -HDTV for advance programming.

  • Convert video signal to digital TV signal for 1 channel
  • Choose between Full HD video via HDMI cable, Standard Video (CVBS) via A/V cable.
  • Video like the original, up to full HD resolution
  • Used for sending TV channels together with the digital TV antenna




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