SAT Amplifier 40dB 950–2150MHz


SKU : AA0281EDA0001/ MODEL : 235053 AMP9764



Fracarro 235053 AMP9764 UBB SAT Amplifiers 40dB 950-2150MHz is UBB (Ultra Broadband) Satellite Amplifier able to mix terrestrial signal coming from an existing distribution to a satellite trunk line.

Main Features:
  - Forward Frequency Range 950-2150MHz
  - Forward Gain 40dB
  - Test Point: -30dB
  - Operating Temperature: -10 to +55°C.
  - IF-Sat amplifier with terrestrial passive mixing.
  - Class II switching power supply.
  - AMP die cast housing
  - Remote feeding 14/18Vdc and 22 KHz from input


Installation Example:

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