LG Digital Signage (49", Mirror) MS75A-7BB


SKU : 49MS75A-7BB


Categories : Digital Signage Mirror


  - Built-in Mirror
  - Brightness: 600 cd/m2
  - Bezel: 8.4 mm (Even bezel)
  - Depth: 37.3 mm
  - Interface : HDMI, HDMI/OPS, DP, DVI, RS232C, RJ45, USB
  - Available Size: 49"

    This product is both a mirror and a publicity ad that is distinctive, appealing, simple and easy to install and maintain.

Management of product
  - Installation Convenience No need for additional installations.
  - Stand-by Screen
Even without signal from the media player, the network does not turn off completely, so remote control is possible, which prevents unnecessary power usage and enables efficient management.

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