IPTV is more than just a TV system. Able to put information, advertising media, public relations, various promotions, including products and services into the TV system. Thus generating income from the TV system Which TV systems generally cannot do And there are other additional functions that enhance the image of the hotel to be more elegant and modern. Make an impression on people using it more than a traditionalTV system.

     IP TV system that is developed by HSTN can be used on LAN network and coaxial network Excellent support for transmitting Full HD and 4K UHD video signals. The IP TV system was designed. So that the TV system is more than just watching TV. Can offer various services That are available to customers within your establishment, such as various types of rooms, restaurants, swimming pools, Thai massage, souvenir shops Calling services from maids or technicians, etc. It can also be a movie theater, restaurant, tourist attractions. On the television screen To generate income for your business another way It can also provide weather forecasts. Notify the cost of purchasing various services Or use various application services as well

    IPTV system at developed by HSTN is divided into 2 solutions for hotel operators to choose according to the suitability of your business.
          1. IPTV Boxless Solution
is an IP TV system that meets the needs of the most customers.
          Since it is an IP TV system At the TV viewing point You do not need a Set Top Box, can be used on the existing LAN network and coaxial network. This solution is developed by using a server called LG Pro: Centric® Server that can connect to hotel management software. With only one condition: TV viewing point must use the LG TV Series 5 or higher.

          2. Full Service IPTV Solution
is an IP TV system. At the TV viewing point, you must have a Set Top Box IPTV.
          Can support all Services that the IP TV system can provide, both Services That are available to customers as a movie theater, restaurant, recommended tourist attractions Can check the cost of purchasing various services, can be connected to the hotel management software. It can be used on the existing LAN network and coaxial network. Can be used with all TV models. All brands as well And in the future, this system will be able to serve as IPTV Boxless with TV viewing points that use the LG TV Series 5 or higher as well.

IP TV system is suitable for hotel business (Hotel IPTV), hospitals, condominiums, apartments, villages, villas or business operators. Who want to empower Image for your service Or create more satisfaction for your customers.

Those who are interested in changing your TV system to IP TV system You just inform TV channels provided Number of viewing points All TV models available HSTN can provide you with a preliminary quotation immediately. Or want to explore the area To make a quotation We are happy to serve you free of charge.


Package Premium

The best IP TV system
    - The number of channels is up to 800 channels.
    - UHD 4K image clarity
    - Support foreign channels
    - Support all brands of TV
    - Movie system
    - Food ordering system
    - Billing system

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HSTN Server Less

IPTV system without server

               - Supports LG TV Series 7 and above.
               - Clear picture signal in FULL HD level
               - Support foreign channels
               - Billing system                      

              More details...                       

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