Hospital for patients In addition to the beautiful and clean rooms Patients also need comfort, modernity, and safety. want to save energy Give to yourself too.
We can install a controll system to turn on-off lights at every point in the IoT system to work with tablets, mobile phones or patients' speech. We do not need to walk to the light switch, it can be operated on-off conveniently. Bedridden patients can do it on their own without having to walk to the Switch.
Including being able to make a panel that is centered at the head of the bed can order Everything in the room, whether it's air conditioner, TV, lighting system in the room and a system for asking for help or calling a nurse at one point by installing or placing it near the patient. for convenience.
If the hospital wants to save energy Can be set to turn on the light from the motion sensor when there is movement through it. installation point The lamps can be installed automatically or can install a temperature sensor to enable to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner in the room that needs to be able to control the temperature and can be applied as needed. of the hospital as well.
Can install the application in the Andriod TV system to control the operation of turning off the lights, curtains, reducing the temperature of the air conditioner through the TV.
         aforementioned is just a part We can design and do many more according to your imagination. as you wish on device limitations.
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