IOT Smart Automation For Home
Many people's dream homes In addition to a beautiful home, it also needs
Convenience, modernity, safety and can also help save energy, for example, we install a system to turn on-off lights at every point in the IoT system. We can work with mobile phones or voice. We don't need to walk to the light switch. It can be controll to work on / off easily. to save energy Can be set to turn on the light by the Motion Sensor when moving through the installation point for the lamp to turn on automatically or can install a temperature sensor enabled to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner in the room that needs to control the temperature landscape and can be applied according to the needs of the user as needed.
If there are elderly people in the house during the day, we can see from the CCTV to see if the people we care about are still safe or not. Even at night when the bedroom is already asleep But the elderly have to get up to go to the bathroom at night, we can bring Motion Sensor installed on the leg of the bed, just drop the leg down, the light is bright, walk to the bathroom safely No need to fumble with the light switch.
The aforementioned is just a part where we can design and do as many of our imaginations as we want based on the limitations of the device with the following devices to choose from.
SENSOR detects changes and can automatecontroll other devices.
Motion Sensor
motion detection Automatically turn on/off lights when someone walks by. If movement is detected while no one is at home can notify the application.
Door and Window Sensor
Detect on/off door/window To automate other devices and be able to alert the application.
Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Detects the temperature and humidity in the house by displaying the results through the application with an alert if an abnormality is found and adjusting the temperature and humidity automatically.
Smoke Sensor & Gas Detector
Detects smoke and gas if an abnormality is detected, the amount of gas exceeds the standard Able to sound an alarm with a loud sound immediately and send a signal to the smartphone.
Water Leakage Sensor
Detct water leaks When it detects a small amount of water, it will immediately alert the app and allow other devices to work together.
WiFi Light Sensor
Detect the light in the room To send a signal to the light switch to turn on/off the light automatically. or close the curtain in case of excessive light.
Security Control
A system that acts as a security guard by the system detects on/off. Doors, windows, and movement inside the house will sound or signal your alarm as soon as an intruder strikes. The device detects motion and opening/closing doors by sending a signal to the Security Controller to trigger the Siren to sound and alert the homeowner.
1.PIR Motion Sensor
2.Door Sensor
3. Gateway Siren
4. Outdoor Siren
Switch Smart Switch that can be controlled with an application Set the on/off time Voice command It can work with other detectors to automatically turn on/off lights.
Smart switch Beautiful designs available in a variety of framed and unframed designs. You can choose the color switch frame color to enhance your modern home decoration.
Smart switch That increases the comfort can be set for each button to operate various devices in the house to work simultaneously, such as Press one button to extinguish the whole floor.
Smart switch that responds to the use of ordinary electrical appliances such as fans, curtains, lights, dimmers that can be controlled with applications Set the on/off time Voice command and used in conjunction with the sensor
Smart device that turns ordinary electrical appliances into Smart Home that can be controlled with an application Set the on/off time Voice command and used in conjunction with the sensor
smart outlet That protects the danger of forgetting to unplug the electrical appliances by controlling through the app. Set the on/off time Voice commands.
smart bulb that can be controlled through the application Set the on/off time Voice commands
intelligent power supply controller That helps to take care of the safety and control all the power supply of the home electrical system.
A device that allows you to use your mobile phone to control air conditioners, TVs, fans and other appliances instead of Infrared (IR) remotes and works with other detectors.
1. Indoor Camera
Full-HD home camera that allows you to easily connect with people in the home. Wide camera angle supports 2-way communication, has a night mode, giving you a clear view at night.
2.Outdoor Camera
Full-HD resolution exterior camera, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, no wiring at all, and supports 2-way communication. There is a night mode, so you can see clearly at night.

Access Control answers the question of security in locking doors. with modern functions to unlock with a password Scan fingerprints or key cards, as well as have an alarm system when theft is broken, and there is a system to prevent random codes or attempts to unlock in different ways. and automatic locking system when the door is closed, etc.
Face Door Lock
Add luxury and security to your home before doors that can be unlocked with face, handwriting, fingerprint, application password and unlock recording.
Digital Door Lock
Make your home unlocked with fingerprint, password, temporary password and in-app unlock recording. There is an automatic locking system and remote unlocking.
Aluminum Door Lock
Increase confidence in aluminum doors with a Smart lock system that comes special for aluminum doors, supports fingerprint, password, remote unlocking via smartphones.
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