What electrical systems are there in the hotel ?

What electrical systems are there in the hotel ?

The design of the hotel construction starts from Structural design by Civil engineering team, Architecture team to decorate, Professional construction team, Air conditioning system, Water system and hot water system, Drainage and Electrical system. The electrical system works in the hotel is divided into 2 parts:

1. Electrical Power System

2. Electrical Communication System

  1. Electrical Power System is an electrical system used to supply power directly to electrical appliances in the hotel, including when guests bring electrical appliances to plug into various electrical outlets inside and outside the building. Users must be able to operate well and safely, such as lighting systems, air conditioning systems. Hot water system, elevator, computer, TV, microwave oven etc. It also includes related systems such as lightning arresters, grounding systems, and backup power system, etc.

  2. Electrical Communication System is a communication system. inside and outside the building with the purpose of facilitating or to provide services to guests who use the service to be comfortable feel safe. At present, various communication systems It can also refer me to building an identity and promoting the image of the hotel business as well. Communication systems include TV systems, Computer network systems included wifi & wired internet system. Telephone PBX system, CCTV system, Audio system, Signage information display, Fire alarm and prevention system, Building automation control system, Building energy management system, etc. Most of various communication systems required electric power, so we call them. "Electric communication system"

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