LG Pro:Centric® V Hotel IPTV

      "Procentric V" is the suitable solution for new buildings without a television set. Or if for old buildings that need to be replaced, a new television is great. By building with less budget. "Procentric V" is very suitable for this type of building.
      Because it is a television system that looks strange, unlike conventional television transmission system. More than just live viewing. Can put the media. public relations Promotional promotions or travel information. In the television transmission system. No need to have a box on the television, or we call it another solution that IPTV Box Less can send both Coaxial and LAN networks. And because it is a developed system. Direct television access
      This makes it possible to adjust the settings of the television through the central system. No need to go to any room anymore. Easy to maintain system. And easy to use. If any building requires an economical television system. But more than the original television system, the solution was "Procentric V"


TV SupportLG TV Series 5 or latest
Full HD image qualitySupport
Coaxial Support 
ThemeChoice fix
Language36 language
TV Channel GuideSupport
Other Channels21 CH

Survey On Site or Design for Esimate Cost      
  No charge

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