GPON FTTh Solution

Development of FTTr Solution by HSTN. A highlight is the integration of Internet TV phone for work on fiber optics. Can reduce costs Network construction more than 3 times. Reduce control room size more than 1 times. Reduce electricity bill more than 2 times. Easy maintenance. And support for new technologies in the future.

FTTr Solution by HSTN. All 3 services no need coaxial cable, LAN cable telephone cable. No need Gigabit Switch, CATV Amplifier, CATV Splitter in the main network. Use only fiber optic cable one core per room. Fiber Cabling From the control room to the last device. The system has a long life. No interference ,There is no electricity in the network ,Low attenuation , Supports distances up to 10 kilometers.

FTTr Solution by HSTN. Suitable for service in the Internet service provider, village, government agencies.  If you want Install new network Or improve the network. The service is up to date. Modern network service. Reduce management costs And easy to maintain in the long run. Enhance your productivity, support for ioT, Smart Room and other systems in the future, and enhance your business image. Satisfaction to the users more services.

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