ACE DISH-KU 150, Satellite Dish Antenna 150cm Offset for Ku Band


SKU : SW-KU-150-II


      The ACE DISH-KU-150 Satellite Dish Antenna 150cm Offset for Ku Band is offset dish antenna is a type of parabolic antenna. It is so called because the antenna feed is offset to the side of the reflector, in contrast to the common front- fed parabolic antenna where the feed is in front of the dish, on its axis. As in a front-fed parabolic dish, the feed is located at the focal point of the reflector, but the reflector is an asymmetric segment of a paraboloid, so the focus is located to the side. Used to receive satellite signals in areas that receive low level signals or need to receive signals at a higher level. Suitable for use in receiving Ku-Band satellite signals for TV, SMATV and CATV systems.

Main Features :

  • Satellite offset Ku band dish antenna 150cm
  • High performance for SMATV CATV systems
  • Easy to assemble and installation


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