287348 SIG7404H, Analog/HDMI to ASI professional encoder Series


SKU : 287348

หมวดหมู่ : Fracarro Headend Analog & Digital


        4 external sources encoding. It allows to make available 4 A / V signals in TS MPG2 format (SIG7404H) or 4 HDMI signals (SIG7804H264) in MPG4 / H264 format on the ASI output. Can be installed with the 3DG-4ASI-4T module (module with ASI inputs for 3DGFlex) to create one or more COFDM output multiplexes.
Can be connected to an IP encoder carry out multicast streams
Main Specifications
  • Performs encoding and multiplexing of 4 analog AV signals
  • MPEG 2 coding


  • To encode up to 4 external HDMI sources
  • MPG4 / H264 compression
    Best solutions to convert external analog or digital sources (HDMI to COFDM or IP).


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