FTTx Passive Mini Indoor Optical Receiver Node MATV CATV System




Product Summary

        ACE-WR860-M Series FTTx Passive Mini Indoor Optical Receiver Node MATV/CATV System is passive mini optical receiver available for MATV & CATV on FTTx Network working frenquency range is 47~860 MHz. Can customization for working on frequency range is 47~2150MHz (Optional). ACE-WR860-M can be used for Digital MATV inside the house, condominium, apartment or TV point that

Features & Benefits

  • High quality plastic shell
  • No power & no consumption.
  • Excelent linearity / non-linearity,high output level
  • Output power>64dBuv(PIN=0dBm)
  • SC/APC Female optical connector / Male RF connector.
  • Multi-stage lightning protection devices (TVS transient suppression diode),strict lighting protection system, ensure the equipment working under safe status.


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