287360 SWI908TS, 9-INPUT CASCADABLE Series


SKU : 287360

หมวดหมู่ : Fracarro Headend Analog & Digital


    9-input CASCADABLE MULTISWITCHESes with dip switch to select active or passive TV gain.
Main Specifications
  • Satellite band up to 2300MHz
  • High SAT output level to run long cable drop (60m with 6.7mm coax.)
  • Each port has a LED which shows the correct reception of the STB DiSEqC command
  • Return channel included when TV gain is passive (5-65MHz)
  • When TV gain is passive, the product is entirely fed by tap ports; only when TV active is enabledd, it has to be fed by DC-PLUG
  • External power Supply PSU1315TS (13V, 1,5A) Jack Male connector (2,1x5,5x12; inner positive, outer negative) NOT included; to optimize installation dimensions
  • Space reduced thanks to the matrix system with both sided connectors
  • Standard colour coding for an easy installation


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