283164 3DG-BP-IP OUT, 3DGFLEX IP Encoder IPTV Series


SKU : 283164

หมวดหมู่ : Fracarro Headend Analog & Digital


    3DG-EVO IPTV multicast/unicast encoder, developed on 3DGFLEX platform to distribute IPTV signals on medium and big hospitality installations.
      The item can be combined with 3DGFLEX EVO new generation receivers i.e. 3DG-4S2-BP (QUAD satellite receiver) or 3DG-4T2-BP (digital terrestrial receiver). Sharing all the information through the bidirectional high speed back-panel the solution allow a mixed Terrestrial/Sat IP distribution...
Main Specifications
  • “Smart & Pool” functionality that uses the high-speed bidirectionalBack-Panel to exchange contents with quad modules inserted in the same head-end (feature available only for the new EVO modules).
  • Up to 64 multicast IPTV (UDP, RTP/UDP) programs on each module.
  • Up to 1Gbit/s on each module to distribute UHD, HD, SD and radio channels on an IP network.
  • Built-in service discovery SAP and M3U functions.
  • Single Program Transport Stream (SPTS) or Multi Program (MPTS) management.
  • DRM (Digital Right Management) ready


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