5DVB-S/S2 or 5DVB-T/T2 Input to 2 OFDM Digital TV Tuner & Encoder Modulator Output


SKU : Model : ACE 5TCS-2T


The ACE 5STC-2T  is 5 DVB-S/S2 BISS to 2 COFDM Modulator is a cost-effective DVB-T Trans modulator developed according to DVB-T standard. It supports 5 Tuner input selecting from 5 Tuner ports. After demodulating, re-multiplexing, then it gives 1 or 2 DVB-T RF out. BISS function is also embedded to descramble multiplexed programs. With the features of low cost and high performance, it provides various solutions for operators to re-distribute contents

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