MAP4rULTE700+ AMP.1i UHF700 42dB+


SKU : AA0201GDD0001 / MODEL : 223704 MAP4rULTE700+


หมวดหมู่ : Fracarro SMATV Booster Amplifier


Fully shielded die cast housing mast amplifier to mix and amplify signals coming from different aerials Zamak die-cast frame with metal covers for extremely high noise shielding. “F” type connectors with the innovative locking system of the new PVC outdoor protective cover and the rotation of the metal frame guarantee maximum safety, ease and speed of installation. Amplification and VHF/UHF separate management and easyinsertion of remote powering. Power supply detection LED.

CLIPPER technology functions: On the High gain mast amplifiers is available the automatic circuit which limits the gain of the UHF input in order to guarantee the maximum RF output level and at the same time minimising the intermodulation (RED Compliant)

Regulations: All the models of the MAP EVO range have been carefully sized to ensure full compliance with the regulation requirements regarding the Radio Spectrum, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Safety set out in the directives. 2014/53/EU, 2011/65/EU. RED compliant.