PMG1005-T20C GPON SFU with 1-port GbE LAN


SKU : PMG1005-T20C

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The Zyxel PMG1005-T20C GPON SFU with 1-port GbE LAN comes with one GPON uplink and one GbE LAN downlink to serve as a simple bridge to offer Gigabit data access to subscribers. Comparing with other FTTH solutions, the Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON) features Point-to-Multi-Point (P2MP) architecture that enables service providers or system integrators to provide Gigabit broadband access with the least CAPEX investment to make it very competitive and popular among operators.

Incorporating the Zyxel PMG1005-T20C brings more flxibility for system integrators to deploy their service networks as GPON networks allow containing various deployment scenarios within one single service site. Instead of deploying a specifi type of home gateway, the two-box solution allows system integrators to provide multiple product combinations to fulfil different scenario requirements through the same user interface.

The Zyxel PMG1005-T20C is fully compliant with the ITU-T G.984 GPON standard and making it brilliant choice as an entry-level GPON Single Family Unit (SFU).

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