IP De-Multiplexer conversion 512 SPTS or MPTS to 512 SPTS output




        IP DEMUX IP to IP SPTS Output is a head-end IP TS conversion device. It has 2 GE Rj45 ports, GE1 is for input and GE2 is for output over UDP/RTP protocol. It supports 512 SPTS or MPTS inputs which will be converted to 512 SPTS output. It supports CA Filter function when multiplexing function is working. It can select filter or keep CAS data from source.

 - Modular design, 1U chassis support up to 3 cards (1 or 2 or 3 cards for option, as per order)
- 1 GE input RJ45 port and 1 GE output RJ45 port, maximum bit-rate of each port is 850Mbps
- 512 SPTS or MPTS input over UDP, RTP, Unicast and Multicast (per card)
- 512 SPTS output over UDP, RTP, Unicast and Multicast (per card)
- Support accurate PCR adjusting
- Support PID filtering, re-mapping
- Support PSI/SI rebuilding and editing
- Support Web operation

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