Quad DVB-S2 CI – Twin DVBT/C with double slot C.I. “all in one” Compact Headend


SKU : 283131 D-MATRIX-4S

หมวดหมู่ : Fracarro Headend Analog & Digital


The new D-Matrix compact headend range will introduce a revolutionary concept: a unique mechanics will be able to tune up to 4 satellite transponders, HD or SD, from 4 independent inputs, will decrypt the contents through Professional CAMs and will recreate up to 2 “customized” and indipendent COFDM or QAM multiplex.Generating 2 DVB-T or DVB-C “ad-Hoc” muxes giving the installer the flexibility to choose the contents to be distributed. Fully manageable parameters for both muxes and individual programs (LCN, SID, PDSD, NIT, …).New absolute feature: USB Audio/Video file playback (TS file format).

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