24-Port GbE L2 Switch, 24 x GbE RJ-45 Ports, 4 x GbE Combo (RJ-45/SFP) Ports


SKU : GS2210-24

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The GS2210-24: 24-Port GbE L2 Switch, 24 x GbE RJ-45 Ports, 4 x GbE Combo (RJ-45/SFP) Ports is the Zyxel XGS2210/GS2210 Series 8/24/28/48/52-port GbE L2 Switch are fully featured Layer 2 Gigabit access switches designed to meet converged data, video and voice networking needs. The Series comes in 8-, 24-, 28-, 48- and 52-port models with a combination of PoE and non-PoE, as well as Gigabit (GS2210 Series) and 10 Gigabit (XGS2210 Series) uplink options. The PoE models comply with the IEEE 802.3af PoE and 802.3at PoE Plus standards and provide a high PoE power budget. With rich traffic shaping, network isolation, and security features, the XGS2210/GS2210 Series is the perfect L2 access switch solution for converged data, video and voice networking.

· Product Name: 24-port GbE L2 Switch
· Switch Class: Layer 2
· Port Density
· Total Port Count: 28 Port
· Port 100/1000 Mbps PoE: 24 Port
· Gigabit Combo SFP/RJ-45: 4 Port
· Switching Capacity: 56Gbps
· Forwarding Rate: 41.67Mpps
· Packet Buffer: 1.5 Mbyte
· MAC Address Table: 16 K

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