IP-PBX Grandstream 8FXO, 2 FXS, 2 Gigabit Ports,800 Users,100Concurrent calls,6Conference Bridges, 32 Attendees P/Bridge


SKU : UCM6208

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UCM6208 IP-PBX Grandstream 8FXO, 2 FXS, 2 LAN 10/100/1000M, 45 ,Concurrent Call & 3 Conference Bridge 25 IP Participates. UCM6200 series is designed to provide a centralized solution for the communication needs of businesses, the UCM6200 series IPPBX appliance combines enterprise-grade voice, video, data, and mobility features in an easy-to-manage solution.This IP PBX series allows businesses to unify multiple communication technologies, such voice, video calling, videoconferencing, video surveillance, data tools, mobility options and facility access management onto one commonnetwork that that can be managed and/or accessed remotely. The secure and reliable UCM6200 series deliversenterprise-grade features without any licensing fees, costs-per-feature or recurring fees.

· Supports up to 800 users, 50 SIP trunk accounts, up to 100 concurrent calls.
· Zero configuration provisioning of Grandstream SIP endpoints.
· Strongest-possible security protection using SRTP, TLS and HTTPS encryption.
· Dual Gigabit network ports with integrated PoE.
· Supports up to a 5-level IVR (Interactive Voice Response).
· Built-in call recording server; recordings accessed via web user interface.
· Supports call queue for efficient call volume management.
· Built-in Call Detail Records (CDR) for tracking phone usage by line, date, etc.
· Multi-language auto-attendant to efficiently handle incoming calls.
· Integrated LDAP and XML phonebooks, flexible dial plan.
· Supports any SIP video endpoint that uses the H.264, H.263 or H.263+ codecs.
· Supports voicemail and fax forwarding to email.

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