Profiler Revolution (Ref. 6700)


SKU : Ref. 6700


The Johansson Profiler Revolution is an easy to use programmable filter amplifier and convertor for terrestrial signals. The module optimizes terrestrial VHF/UHF and FM signals from multiple inputs with the goal to provide high quality images on your TV screen. The state-of-the-art programmable filter amplifier has no equivalent on the market due to its revolutionary technology:

Can process more than 50 channels
Can convert a wide selection of channels
Sharpest filters on the market (50 dB on adjacent channels)
Real-time AGC on all individual multiplexes
Complete flexibility in assigning filters from any input. Each channel can be frequency

shifted to any other channel in the VHF or UHF band (Flex Matrix)
To avoid unauthorized persons changing the settings, all Profiler products can be locked

with a security code
Made in Europe, for worldwide application
5 inputs: FM / 4 x VHF-UHF / > 50 channels / AGC / 12-24 V remote power
Product dimensions (H X W X D): 165mm x 217mm x 59mm

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