SKU : AB0122CBX0001 / MODEL : ACE M-SSB269


  • medium frequency treatment technique and dualphase locked loop technology for CPU control are
    adopted to improve frequency stability
  • number of output channels are within the limit of
    48~860 MHz.Standards channels and added
    channels were installed
  • Carrier frequency or each channel is within the limit of 48~860 MHz.4 standard of sound carrier frequency:4.5,5.5,6.0,6.5MHz
  • The vision singnal modulation,audio deviation,A/V ratio and output level can be adjusted on the front panel
  • Independent RF Power Amplifier are inside ,The output level is up to over 110dBuv
  • It's more easy to operate,because of the digital channel number of front pannel ,the uplink of back pannel memory chanels and power failure memory function
  • Output power is 48~860MHz

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