5 DVB-S/S2(BISS), DVB-T/T2 Tuner & UDP/HTTP IP Input to IP Output


SKU : Modle : 5TCS-IP


The ACE 5STC-IP is Tuner Digital Modulator can receive both tuner input and IP input. The tuner input is either DVBS/S2 or DVB-T/T2 signals, total 5 inputs (with loop output). DVB-S/S2 with BISS function is now embedded to descramble your tuner input programs. IP input is either UDP or HTTP protocol. The IP output signal is either UDP or HTTP protocol. Suitable for IPTV systems both online IPTV and Hospitality IPTV, and can be connected with IPQAM or IP-COFDM to install in Digital MATV and Digital CATV systems.

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