8 DVB-T/T2 & 8 DVB-S/S2 BISS to 8 COFDM Modulator


SKU : AD0511AGD2221 / MODEL : ACE 8T8S-8T



8T8S-8T 8 DVB-T/T2 & 8 DVB-S/S2 BISS to 8 COFDM Modulator is a high performance and cost-effective DVB-T modulator designed It has 8 DVB-T/T2  FTA tuner input  and 8 DVB-S/S2 FTA tuner input, 8 groups multiplexing and 8 groups modulating, and supports maximum 512 IP input through GE1 and GE2 port and 8 IP (MPTS) output through GE1 port and 8 non-adjacent carriers (50MHz~960MHz) output through the RF output interface. To meet  customers’ various requirements, this device is also equipped with 2 ASI input ports. 8T8S-8T is also characterized with high integrated level, high performance and low cost. It supports dual power supply (optional). This is very adaptable to newly generation broadcasting system.

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