Micro-Modulatore da interno HDMI – DVB-T




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MOD series Indoor Micro-Modulator HDMI - DVB-T MOD-HDTV MICRO The MOD-HDTV MICRO is a high quality digital modulator able to convert an HDMI signal to DVB-T in a UHF channel (from channel E21 to channel 69). The excellent resolution (Full HD 1920 * 1080-30p) and the high quality of the modulation (typical MER of 35dB) make the MODHDTV MICRO modulator the ideal solution for modulating and distributing an HD source (e.g. DVD players, satellite receivers, cameras) in a coaxial distribution in DVB-T standard. The MOD-HDTV MICRO modulator can be set up very quickly using a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection by downloading the dedicated Fracarro iMOD application from Google Play or Apple Store. The extremely compact dimensions and the metal frame of the MOD-HDTV MICRO promote excellent electromagnetic protection and good heat dissipation.