Fracarro SIGMA 6HD UHF Aerials Yagi Antenna SIGMA Series

SKU : 213201 SIGMA 6HD



Fracarro 213201 SIGMA 6HD UHF Aerials isnew series of wideband Yagi aerials with F connectorand double reflector. Fracarro’s original patenteddesignenables particular directivity (with the maximum reduction in interference)and a high gain comparable with an aerial twice its length. Sigma aerials have completely pre-assembled director elements, mast connection,reflector support and radiator saddle. They can therefore be installed quickly and easily without needing any tools.

Main characteristics:
- 6 Elements
- Wideband UHF aerial for TV reception
- Dipole with F connector
- H or V polarisation
- Maximum mast clamp diameter 60mm
- Double reflector
- Impedance 75 Ohm Dipole with F connector